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ICN’s story

The Iranian Community Network was established in August 2020 by a group of Iranian volunteers in Oxfordshire.

ICN’s core purpose is to:

  • Enhance educational and employment opportunities, skills and knowledge within the Iranian refugee community of Oxfordshire.
  • Facilitate integration and inclusion of Iranians in Oxforshire communities and advance the public’s understanding of the human rights situation in Iran.
  • Promote shared understanding and appreciation for diverse beliefs and views within the Iranian;refugee and migrant community through the promotion of Iranian culture, history, culture and language.
  • Address the physical and mental health needs of those granted refugee status and their dependents as well as those in the asylum process.

It does so by:

  • Organizing networking and exchange events (virtual and in-person) between Iranian and non-Iranian professionals operating in various sectors including business, health, education and science.
  • Providing English classes and other courses to support integration of new arrivals.
  • Offer welcoming and integration assistance of Iranian community member volunteers who pair up with new arrivals to the UK.
  • Organizing educational speaking events series for the general public featuring Iranians in the UK.
  • Host cultural celebrations and religious gatherings.
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We would like to thank the University of Oxford for their support by way of a community grant for English classes, to Magic Little Grants via Localgiving and Oxford City Council for supporting our activities to the community of refugees in Oxford.

Univerity of Oxford Support
Magic Little Grants
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Iranian People & Geography Of Iran

Just a little background beautiful history and geography of Iran.

Iran is a rich, vast, and beautiful country. Its people consist of different nationalities and their own language and customs as through all its history people have been welcoming other people with different cultural and religious backgrounds.

Iran is contained with many paradoxes, contradictions and exceptions. Iran is a country of four seasons at any time of the year. Parts of it is covered by hot deserts, ringed by high, cold mountains, waste fertile agricultural areas are full of lush subtropical forest reflecting the sharp seasonal changes in climate variation, creating diverse and colourful range of flora and fauna.

Iran is situated between Turkey and Iraq on the west, Pakistan and Afghanistan on the east, Former USSR from North and the Persian-Golf from South.

Iranian speak an Indo-European language in the middle of Arabic-speaking Middle East. Iranian’s all through the history have tried to express the paradoxes of the time and sometimes life in general through poetry.

Exploring the treasury of classical Persian poetry, to today’s intellectual and literary culture will give a beginning of an insight into the way Iran has developed and has had a wider influence to a wider world.

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