– Please email us on if you would like to help us and let us know about your experience and your contact details. 

– Alternatively, if your spare time is limited please read the roles and responsibilities in the in form and again send us for a specific volunteering help.

Professionals & Contributors

– We welcome all the professionals who would like to help our cause at any level by providing details of their expertise and the level of help that they will be interested to provide for us.

– We welcome contributors to the Blog page for the headings listed, please email your article, paper, pictures and films indicating your consensus.

– Please forward your materials to, we reject all abusive and insulting articles aimed at individuals, organisations or groups.

– ICN will have a disclaimer for the Blog page, indicating that we will publish all relevant views even those which are not in line with our Objectives and purpose.

How To Join Us

Members of the Boards of Trustees & Administration

– To be a Trustee at ICN is an exciting and fulfilling role. 

– The most effective trustee boards are ones that include individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and skill sets. 

– The role of trustee is to ensure that the charity fulfils its beneficiaries and delivers on its vision, mission and values. 

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