The ICN Charity Purpose and Objective

ICN is setup primarily by volunteers in Oxford to:

  • ICN is setup to promote and assist the access to opportunities, skills and learning for members of Iranian community and refugees by networking within volunteered Iranian/Non-Iranian professionals, scientist and engineers and businessman / women.
  • To facilitate integration and inclusivity by organizing talks and meetings and educational classes.
  • Promoting knowledge and understanding of different religious, faiths and believes both within or outside Iran between different nationalities by organizing educational meeting and networking.
  • To assist and preserve, protect the Physical and mental health of those in need of help and granted refugees status with their dependents within the community.
  • Providing a local network group to assist with the advancement of the public in general about issues relating to Iranian refugees and those seeking asylum within Iranian communities, by raising awareness of the facts and the Human Rights Issues in Iran.
  • Networking within Iranian community for assistance and relief of sickness and financial hardship amongst those seeking asylum in UK and facing difficulties, by assisting with their English and guiding them to the right resources.
  • Assisting the promotion of Iranian culture, history, culture, and language by networking and organizing, music clubs, talks, lectures, meetings, and Eid / cultural celebrations.
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