Iran is awakening again, after the murder of Mahsa Amini which has become a code word for the Iran Revolution

The last 43 years and the IRI’s persecution of Iranians

The people of Iran have endured 43 years of foreign wars, and internal wars with their own government on various issues. They have tried to establish a dialogue with the government, and hope that this regime, which is full of medieval and outdated values and wants to replace normal modern life with ideological theocratic values, will come to their level of realization. From the start, this regime realized that it had nothing to offer to the people and instead endeavored to stay in power by brutal force. As such, they had to make suppression part of daily life for the Iranian people. They have always been full of hatred for anyone standing in their way.

The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) instigated the eight years

IRI knew that the war with Iraq would guarantee their grip on power. They persecuted women from day one and created a divide between men and women in the name of Islamic values.
Now they have brought the country to the brink of economic bankruptcy, created enemies all over the world with their -rhetoric of hate, destroyed Iran’s natural resources, and created environmental disasters. The mafia-run state is not accountable to anyone. Even when Iranians all over the world boycotted the sham election, they still went ahead and installed Raisi, who is known as the ‘Butcher of Tehran’, because of his crimes against humanity. He has issued countless execution orders without even reading the details of those orders.

Foreign Policies and Western countries’ policies

The main narrative that the Islamic Regime has presented to foreign countries has always been that there is no alternative to their rule. Western governments are therefore urged to continue in their failed attempts at further appeasement and concessions, in exchange for hollow promises from the Islamic Regime and temporary economic initiatives.

The people in the West have not been safe

The West has not been safe because of the mafia-style religious ideology that the Islamic Regime has been spreading. On one hand, they present with orchestrated effort their Islamic ideology as a pure and peaceful force in the world. On the other hand, they financially support and organize financially and militarily outlawed terrorist groups like Hashte-shabi, ISIS, and extremists in the Taliban.
As a result, in the absence of unbiased media and research policies, Western countries have implemented policies that have had a devastating effect on the Democracy movement in Iran. By giving IR legitimacy on the world stage, Western countries emboldened the regime to continue persecuting its own people internally or outside Iran. This was to such a level that they even tried to normalize kidnapping, summary executions on a daily basis, and disappearances of their political opposition, ethnic minorities, and whoever questioned the regime’s absurd values.

The pressure on compulsory wearing of the hijab

The compulsory hijab was extended to the extreme, with the authorities openly beating, threatening, insulting, and imprisoning women. The regime followed the policy of pretending to the West that all
major opposition groups are terrorists, and the regime was the only power that could defeat and control ISIS or the Taliban, whereas they were a major power supporting them ideologically and financially.

The IRI’s sham presidential election of 18th June 2021

Whilst all Iranians were openly expressing their feeling about the status quo, the regime and West were continuing to pursue the failed nuclear deal, which brought nothing for the people of Iran except devastation, making them worse off than the populations of any other comparable countries. Iranians all over the world expressed their dissatisfaction with the continued pursuit of the nuclear deal by boycotting the ballot boxes in June’s presidential election, but the IR continued with its usual duplicities abroad and its brainwashing rhetoric of its minority of followers inside the country. Western countries, finding this the best way forward for them, continued with their appeasement policies and the sentimental Islamic liberalism that was popularized by the IR’s well-paid lobbyists in Europe and America.

The regime still appointed the ‘Butcher of Tehran’ as president despite huge opposition. He is internationally ostracized and accused of crimes against humanity because of the mass murder of thousands of political prisoners.
Such crimes continue, and since Raisi became president in 2021, he has presided over 582 executions, including of 22 women and eight juvenile offenders. Sixty-seven people have been executed in the past three weeks alone.
However, instead of being investigated and charged for these crimes, Raisi is given a platform to speak at the UN. 

Mahsa Amini’s Death and the situation in Iran

The explosive situation within Iranian society has long been apparent, but Western politicians, instead of adopting the right policies merely condemn Iran’s ever-worsening human rights issues. The West has continued to turn a blind eye to all the atrocities of the IR, whilst ignoring all the democrats and liberal forces. This is not the first time it has turned its back on the people of Iran and placed itself on the wrong side of history with Iranians.

Mahsa (Zhina) Amini was beaten to such an extent that she was put into a coma which led to her death after she was taken forcefully by the so-called ‘Morality Militia’ to teach her how to wear the ‘appropriate compulsory hijab’. This was the fuel on an already burning society waiting to become ablaze after nearly 44 years of totalitarian government.

The name Mahsa Amini has become a popular hashtag on social media and has been used more than 500 million times. Her name became a code word for the Iranian people’s 44 years of struggle for normal lives in line with ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’.

Increasingly the residents of Iran’s towns and cities are on strike and are on the streets chanting ‘Death to the Dictator’. There are no structured opposition parties in Iran due to repression, and an estimated 140,000 of the country’s progressive leaders, opposition, and human rights activists are in prison. The best commentators, writers, poets, graduates, artists, leaders, lawyers, and politicians are all being tortured or killed under torture at the time when this article is written.

Security forces have repeatedly used unlawful force. They have fired live ammunition and metal pellets at protesters at close range, used tear gas and water cannons, and severely beat people with batons. Since Mahsa’s death, we have recorded, hundreds (if not thousands) of men, women, and children. Hundreds of others have sustained painful and serious injuries, including at least two who have been blinded in one or both eyes. Most are not seeking hospital treatment for fear of arrest, thereby increasing the risk of infection and other health complications.

Iranian authorities are shutting down the internet to hide their crimes

In the last eight weeks, there have been numerous reports that various areas and certain cities have fallen into the hands of protestors, with security forces fleeing and unable to cope with the people’s wrath.
We think that one of the reasons that the mainstream media, especially those in the US and UK, are caught off guard is quite clear. Their sources for more than three decades have been a network of figures who can be described as ‘Iran apologists and lobbyists. They have been on the Islamic Regime’s payroll and support the Regime by legitimizing mullahs’ horrendous human rights violations and their support for terrorism worldwide.

Our request to all the freedom lovers in the world

As human rights activists and freedom lovers, we all crave to build our own ‘Democracy’, one which will have all the characteristics of our ancient history backed up with the literature, myths, and stories that are specific to us. Right now, the nationwide protests sparked by the death in custody of Mahsa, who was just 22 years old, are being brutally quashed by the Iranian authorities. Already, at least 500 people have been killed. We call on the international community to act now.

Iranians’ Expectations from the Democratic Countries

We expect the West to support us in achieving our own Freedom and Democracy, which may well lead to the birth of a Middle East renaissance.
We would like the Government in the UK, the US, and the West to support Iranians, not only by words but by deeds, to overcome this darkness that has fallen upon our country for 44 years. We don’t want our country to be converted to a second Syria in the Middle East, with crates of guns in warehouses in each city. We want the bravery of men and women in Iran to be recognized by expelling the IR’s diplomats from the United Nations and every country. The Iranian government has committed countless acts violating the basic human rights of the Iranian people. It is time the UK stood up to the Islamic Regime.

We like a ban on all Islamic Regime officials, diplomats, and VIPs and their PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) in the UK. Their assets are to be ceased until Iran has a Democracy and a Government that is elected democratically, post-temporary government following the Islamic Regime’s fall.

We demand a comprehensive ban on Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) forces and their families.

We ask for help to restore free telecommunications and internet access for everyone in Iran, independent of the censored and filtered system of the Islamic Regime. Provide access to Starlink as a free internet portal for Iranians and exempt Starlink from US-led Sanctions, you have already done the same for the people of Ukraine.

We request that all countries and the UN ask for a presentation every six months of the Human Rights report on Iran to the UN.

We ask for the provision of safe passage for independent journalists and international media representation in Iran.

Finally, we call for facilitating banking transactions for medical supplies from Western Governments.
Currently, banks do not allow any transactions with Iran, and the Islamic Regime has committed countless international Money Laundry and other deceptions violating Anti-Money-Laundry rules and regulations.

Gohar F – Nov 2022

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