Literature and Poetry

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Literature and Poetry

Iranian has a longer history than most of the countries. Because of its geographical
situation and riches, it has been full of violence, invasions, conquests, battles and
revolutions. Some believe all major religions have originated from the Iran plateau.

It is also a general opinion that it takes a genius person to express daily life and
struggles of life as well as its enjoyments of the time, into unforgettable poems and
contributions that have marked the world.

It has been very difficult to choose a gem within the richness of Iranian literature.
There are many poems from many Iranian poets that can be used as an opening
here, but I start with a passage from Naser-od-Din Tusi 1201-74, which is
mentioned by many well-known world leaders and it is well known to be;

English Translation:
Anyone who knows, and knows that he knows,
Makes the steed of intelligence leap over the vault of heaven.
Anyone who does not know, but knows that he does not know,
Can bring his lame donkey to the destination, nonetheless.
Anyone who does not know, and does not know that he does not know,
Is stuck forever in double ignorance.

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