Will it be viewed as appeasing and colluding with a terrorist regime or abandoning integrity and honour for ‘#WOMAN-LIFE-FREEDOM’?

Date: 25th Feb 2023
By: Jamal Tavakoli

The revolutionary movement undoubtedly exposes one of the fundamental foundations of women’s rights. Its recognition of the lacking equality with men regarding the freedom to choose one’s basic right of clothing to dress oneself, to be liberated from state force. These rights have been denied for most Muslim women for centuries in different ways, using varying degrees of forcefully imposed superstitions, anti-human and anti-woman teachings of Islam, aided by periodic physical force and persecution.

For months if not years, Iranian women and in general, the female population have protested against compulsory hijabs and invasions of privacy by the Islamic totalitarian regime, moving so far as bringing considerable attention to the #Woman-Life-Freedom revolutionary movement to the world.

When the rise of the religious ideologies gained political power in Iran, the desperate power sustenance has turned to extremist displays of control evident by the sheer naked force and barbarism inflicted on the women of Iran. This is observed in society through representative ideological savagery, which has opened the way for pathological patriarchy and the elimination of women. For example the normalization of honour killing under sharia law or fathers, brothers and husbands decapitating their daughters, sisters, and wives have often been reported.

In recent months, hundreds of women and girls have been violated by the regime under the excuse of perfecting the dress and clothing correction code. But at the same time, brave Iranian women have sacrificed their lives, have been beaten on the streets and have risked persecution, with many still in prisons.

The prisons, where they are bound, aren’t safe from a variety of physical and psychological tortures, as there is always a danger of being sexually assaulted by the guards. Used as a kind of torture, their femininity is belittled with the view of crushing their personality.

More than five hundred innocent women and young girls have been partially or completely blinded by so called security forces and morality forces, directly targeting them with pellet bullets.
The prejudice and unbridled violence, to cause deliberate blindness in women and children, is enforced to quash women’s ability to a different choice and is an attempt to show that the Islamic Regime is still in power.

It is under such circumstances where the Swiss ambassador wore the same compulsory hijab for the appeasement of the Mullahs Regime and fulfilment of its government benefits. Ignoring the loud and clear voices of the most beautiful and courageous women of this revolution and their body and sole devotion to its objectives.

This female western government official also put her head in the sand, amidst the women of Iran’s voice loud and clear paying the price by being made blind deliberately or beaten and bruised bodies, and their shackled voices of the protestors. Despite, all these, they still continued coming to the streets to ensure their message of #Woman-Life-Freedom is reached to the world.
But you madam Minister, turned your back to the voice of Iranian women that has been reverberated all over the world and have played a role in the government’s dirty propaganda.

Haven’t you heard the voice of the revolution in Iran? The sparks of this revolution gone further from the murder of the young #Mahsa-Amini which also took place under the pretext of this compulsory hijab, the one that you are wearing today?

Don’t you think that this makes a shameful spectra, a kind of mockery of the revolution and a stab on the back of the women and girls of this land who have taken off headscarves deliberately to fight compulsory hijab and have defied the extreme control over their private life in order to freely choose the right to dress?

Can you not see your hypocritic action, which actually reflects the policies of your respective government, mean an endorsement of repressive and interventionist policies, and the anti-human and misogynistic ideology of Islamic fascism?

You might say that I have chosen such a cover at my own discretion, which is quite respectable and we also seek the same freedom and independent choice. But can the women and girls of this land choose their own dress like you, freely and independently, without any threats or dangers, under the corrupt rule of Mullahs?

What is your and your government choice , as always looking for the policy of ” Good Services ” which is facing serious criticism interacting with various events all over the world,  between murderer and victim, or between oppressed, dictator and people? Is not such an act interpreted as opposing a nation’s revolution and supporting ” the Dahhak of the Time” ?

At the time that the leaders of different countries, on the one hand, and those pro human rights societies on the other hand, have supported the Iranian people’s Revolution and have become their voices in international communities, at huge cost to the people of Iran.  You choose to turn a blind eye on all these facts, for a political game that you may benefit behind the scenes. You are assuming that this will remain  hidden from the world’s eyes and the benefits that you gain from what is the possession of the Iranian people, with this you and your Government is crossing the red lines of ethical values and integrity.

With all this tyranny and killing,

And all this disappointment,

Which is more than oxygen in the air,

They go, we are the ones who stay and even laugh…


25, Febuary, 2023